Registrations & Approvals:
Pesticides - State Registration

Obtaining state registrations is an essential component needed to bring a pesticide product to market in the United States. Once a

federal pesticide registration

 is issued, registration must be obtained from every state and territory where the product will be distributed and sold. For certain states, products manufactured in the state must also be registered. Ensuring that federal and state registrations are coordinated with manufacturing, distribution and use deadlines is critical to meeting product launch and sales dates.

TSG’s regulatory specialists have extensive experience Map of the United States representing state pesticide registrationworking with state programs, which provides a substantial advantage in guiding companies through the registration and compliance requirements specific to each of the 50 states, District of Columbia and U.S. territories. Our in-depth knowledge of each state and territory’s regulatory requirements enables us to deliver comprehensive services for both basic and distributor product registrations for antimicrobial, biopesticide and conventional chemical pesticides, as well as minimum risk

25(b) products


pesticide devices

and adjuvants.

We routinely submit applications for new products, supplemental distributors, new active ingredients, major new use and


concurrent submissions. Our regulatory and scientific experts are highly skilled in all aspects of the state registration process, and strong working relationships with government officials help provide quick, effective and reliable service.
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