International Regulatory Support:
Europe - General Regulatory

TSGE prepares and submits dossiers for EU review programs for new active substances and products. TSGE is also actively engaged in work relating to REACH, preparing and submitting technical dossiers and chemical safety reports.

National Authorities and other International Organizations: TSGE prepares submissions to EU member state authorities in accordance with national regulations.

Representations to Regulatory Authorities: Having made excellent contacts with EU regulatory authorities, TSGE has the experience to represent clients in meetings with regulatory authorities to achieve successful results.

Task Forces/Consortia: TSGE provides scientific and administrative support for industry consortia involved in registration and re-registration under EU legislation. TSGE either acts as Chairperson or Project Manager for consortia committees, or as a representative on behalf of an individual member company, including a ‘third party representative’. TSGE consultants act as chairpersons and company representatives in task forces and consortia for plant protection products, biocides and REACH projects in Europe.

Program and Study Management: As an independent consultancy, TSGE designs individual studies, monitors study progress at contract laboratories and reviews reports for quality and compliance from standard to non-standard, higher-tier studies. TSGE manages product development programs, including commissioning of studies, and monitoring and reviewing reports for quality, accuracy and regulatory compliance.
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